Message From CEO

I believe technology can enable a level playing field for all business. Access to proper technology can enable businesses to scale up and compete in the open market in a level playing field where the best product and services will win and eventually make life better for all. With emergence of AI and Data Analytics, consumer insights, sales technologies and automation can bridge the digital gap between giants and small players. With the mission to bridge digital gap for all, we started up Loosely Coupled Technologies in early 2017 to transform businesses to succeed seamlessly in digital space.

“When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, probably technology is like a hammer to me; when ever I see a business problem, I try to solve that with technology. May be out of that drive, we fast tracked our development activities at Loosely Coupled Technologies when this COVID19 lockdown started in March, 2020. I strongly believe, digital is the way forward for our new normal life. Our life has changed forever. The journey to adjust our lives in this new normal will be different for different people, but I believe adaptation of technology will make it easier for everyone.

As an individual or business, we will not be able to play a role in every aspect, but I believe, by enabling businesses to function and grow in this new world, we will have high impact on the overall economy and lifestyle.

Firoze Muhammad Zahidur Rahman
CEO & Chief Solution Architect, 
Loosely Coupled Technologies Sdn Bhd Malaysia