4 Factors to Consider to Implement Data Driven Operations

Data driven operations are approaches to make data easily manageable for companies to enhance the service system to customers and consumers. Having the right information joined with significant, approach driven knowledge is important to effectively deal with these operations.

There are mainly 4 factors to consider to implement data driven operations

  • True State of Performance: To imply the data operations, the first and foremost criteria is know the real time information of what is happening on the ground. The current state of the project work and  all the relevant data work should be piled up for further analysis.  
  • Informed Decision Making: Sorting out important issues first handedly should be a priority. By applying big-data analytics, driven by consistent policy enforcement across all network and service KPIs, a plan of attack can quickly be developed that considers everything from getting critical customers and services back up, to total time of outage, to impact to revenue and cost—without any guesswork or emotional bias.
  • Financial Impact: Cost effective operations should be performed by leveraging automation to manage complexity and drive cost effective operations. By embedding knowledge into the automation systems, optimal solutions can be done within minimum time, less expensive technicians, and thus more accurate results.
  • Keeping it on Schedule: The data driven operations should consider the timeline impact. Emphasis should be given to avoid any sort of delay of performance and carry out the work precisely and faultlessly.