Automating the Scientific Calculations of Oil/Gas Samples

With precise testing and accurate analyzation, oil and gas companies can accomplish more. Loosely Coupled Technologies provide the automation of the scientific calculations of oil and gas samples. The main objectives lie in standardizing PVT reporting, providing digital data and report delivery platform, prevent service quality incidents, simplify training and enhance resource empowering. LCT have significantly reduced PVT data processing and reporting time from days to hours. With its rigorous testing and real time monitoring systems, LCT have gained trust of a significant number of companies.


The key features of the analysis and quality check of measured properties of reservoir fluid through PVT are

  1. Covers different sample types and tests
  2. Real-time identification of outliers
  3. Simulate and compare different conditions


With the aid of PVT Calculator, the pressure, volume and temperature profiling of oil samples is executed with precise calculations.  Muliple tests are performed taking different sample types from bottom hole samples and surface type samples. These tests include CCE, Single Stage Flash, Differential Liberation, Separation Test, Viscosity and more. Identification of outliers is easily possible plotting the data recieved from these tests. Simulating and comparing different conditions using our predictive model, live fitting by eliminating the outliers is also effortlessly achievable which helps to attain the standardized PVT Profiling.


Based on the discussion and understanding of the requirements and scope of work, the scientific calculation of oil & gas samples is conducted in four basic steps.