About us

Loosely Coupled Technologies was founded in early 2017 with mission to Bridge Digital Gap for All using technology specially Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. We want to make technology affordable for all so that any business or individual can leverage data and technology to change their fortune.

We transform businesses to succeed seamlessly in digital space. The key area of our focus is data analytics and AI driven automation that business can leverage to sell more and achieve operational scale. Our main product lines are – Shared Today and EZAssist.

Shared Today is a market intelligence and data analytics platform that helps businesses to know about their customers, what they care about, how competition are performing and thus enables the business optimize their marketing and operational efficiency. Shared Today connects social media data with internal data to extract insights that helps business to grow. We provide off the shelf analytics as one time and subscription service as well as custom analytics services for businesses.

EZAssist is a platform that enables businesses to accelerate digital transformation by start selling online using social media specially facebook messenger, web shop and different market places. EZAssist enables business to launch their selling outlets in digital space, connects to different market places like shopee to enable access to consumers. It also connects to local delivery/logistices companies and payment gateways so that business can select the best fit logistics/delivery and payment partner and get started selling in digital space instantly.