Consumer Insights for Marketing

We help companies get to know their customers better using data analytics on public domain in real time with high accuracy.

We believe every industry and culture is different. Data changes its meaning and impact based on the context

Our Micro Modelling Technology combined with our proprietary Natural Language Processing Technology generates Micro Data Models for every individual industry and cultural context to extract insights based on the localized scenario relevant for the business.

How does it help your business?

Manage Reputation

Know what customer perceives about your brand.

How your brand stands out in Competitive landscape

What people care about and what they don’t like.

Pinpoint Customer Concern

Track what people are looking for. What are the complains

How customers are responding to activities.

What works and what doesn’t

Track Customer Purchase Journey

Respond better to Industry Happenings

Track industry happenings, know the news that matters to your business

Identify trending news.

Sell more by improving Advertisement Performance

Auto classification of leads from conversations.

Generate micro audience and run microtargeted campaigns

Track advertisement performance

Identify trending news.