Project information

Data Driven Operations

A combination of Preventive and Condition Based Maintenance Operations with the help of Data, AI and Machine Learning

Key is to have a system to

  • Identify true state of assets
  • Simulate and predict future states based on projected operating condition
  • Identify probable failure points and maintenance requirements in a future time frame at current tren

How it works: 4 Key Areas to Consider

We need to Identify the True State of Performance by Identifying the Current State KPIs, then simulate the possible out comes using Machine Learned Data Model for different possible actions and scenario to identify Financial and Timeline impacts. Based on the possible impacts against possible actions a final decision is made.

The result of the action is again fed to the system for further learning of AI.

The principle is to prepare data model with historical incidents and performance data with know outcomes. The developed model is then used against Current State KPIs to predict the outcome bundled with user actions.