Digitization for QC Check of Oil and Gas Sample Properties and Test

The significance of digitization of quality control check of oil and gas samples has been increasing greatly in recent times. It has become a dominant tool in reducing risks and uncertainties with an additional benefit of reducing the economic cost immensely. Loosely Coupled Technologies developed a model where seven parameters of the oil refinery process are inspected, thus reducing the reprocessing of oils. It is basically a simulator where real time readings are deeply analyzed, shows the readings of each of the components and finally gives an estimated loss value against that analysis. Detecting anomalies of the parameters within the inspection, it is possible to make effective decisions that can deliver cost savings. This provides an exact perspective on condition status, permitting better forecast and mitigating of equipment failure. Data analytics of oil and gas sample properties benefits health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) performance, improve maintenance and inspection regimes.

Steps Taken For QC Check of Oil & Gas Samples