Project information

Data Analytics Services We believe every business is different and data changes its meaning and impact based on the context

Our Micro Modelling Technology generates Micro Data Models for every individual business unit and scenario combining the relevant internal and external factors. This enables us to predict the future possibilities with much higher accuracy.

Our Capabilities

Business today has access to significant publicly available data starting from news, blogs, stock market data, weather forecast to social media conversations that can be combined with the existing internal data to predict the future.

Data Scraping, Integration and Natural Language Processing

We convert publicly available unstructured data to usable structured data through our Data Scraping and Integration Capabilities combined with Natural Language Processing ability in local languages and internet dialects.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Analytics

We combine external data with internal data of the smallest relevant business unit to build hundreds and thousands of micro data models that helps businesses to extract insights and predict future.

Business & Technology Talents equipped with Industry Standard Tools & Best Practices

Our team comes with experience of serving high performing multinationals including telco, media and FMCG. Our active collaborations with top universities ensures continuous supply of new talents.