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And as you all know, every Thursday we bring to you Go Digital With EZAssist, and we’re on the 5th episode today.

We have 3 guests with us today, and I’m very excited and hopeful that today’s session will be wonderful because we’ll be talking about an interesting and very popular OTT platform called Binge. So to have this discussion with us today, joining with us are Firoze M Zahidur Rahman, CEO and Chief Solutions Architect, Loosely Coupled Technologies, A M Shakhawath Hossain, General Manager, Head of Binge Sales, Robi Axiata Limited, and Rizwana Rashid Auni, General Manager, Head of Content and Streaming, Robi Axiata Limited. Welcome, everyone.

Jewel: Assalamu Alaikum, Shantu, Shakhawath bhai, Auni.

Shakhawath: Walaikum Assalam. 

Auni: Walaikum Assalam, good to see you.

RJ Shantu: Long time no see, Jewel bhai. And nice to see you Shakhawath bhai, Auni apu. I haven’t spoken with you before but today we’ll have a good discussion here I hope. 

Jewel: I’m seeing Auni after years, I think. 

Shakhawath: I have spoken with Jewel bhai over the phone and on whatsapp chat, but I think this is the first time I’m seeing him. 

RJ Shantu: It’s kind of funny but Shakhawath bhai and Auni apu, you’re both with Robi Axiata now, but earlier Shakhawath bhai saw Auni apu and exclaimed, “Huh? What are you doing here?”

So anyway, let’s start our session now. Today we’ll be talking about a very popular platform called Binge. You can make any queries about this that you want in the comment section of Facebook Live, or send us a text on 16260.

I’ll start with Jewel bhai, please tell us a bit about the direction that entertainment mediums like television, or any other are headed towards.

Jewel: Alright. In every show Shantu directs the first question at me, and usually it’s a scary question, as if the digital world will keep moving if only I say so.

RJ Shantu: This isn’t a scary question!

Jewel: In the past, we watched the TV with a cable connection or dish line, and as a child, I remember that entertainment meant the weekly or daily natok or TV series on BTV. And then came a time when BTV started buying package natok, as in, private producers would sell to BTV, and we’d enjoy that a lot too. And then at one time private TV Channels started forming. I think I’m growing pretty old with how far back I’ve started the story. Most of you probably cannot even imagine. So Ekushe TV, NTV, these came and we thought there would be a lot more natok and cinema on them. However, in the present day, most of us end up watching what we want to on the internet, you can find Bangla natok on YouTube too. And then it became a challenge for advertisers. There’s Netflix to stream movies and series, there’s Spotify for music, and now the entertainment journey is significantly different. We stream at home, we watch videos while outside too maybe when stuck in traffic. Our small phone screen is enough for content consumption. And for those of us with kids, we see them on their tablets or laptops all day long. And for those of us who are a bit older, we usually want a big screen to enjoy the movie or the tv series, doesn’t feel as satisfying without. But in all of this, the point to notice is that people watch whatever they want to watch, when and how they want to watch it. And there was a term for watching shows continuously in one sitting, Binge-watching. I remember that when I was in college, I watched the sitcom Friends hour after hour, and finished seasons in a day. It was very popular back then.

RJ Shantu: It’s still popular now, and it will always be, I think.

Jewel: Alright, so I think digital media has enabled that behaviour, made it easy to choose what you want to watch, and binge it all day, whenever you want. It’s not that it’s a new behaviour, in college if we had a day off we would go to a video library and get 8 to 10 CDs and watch them one after another. I think platforms like Binge, Netflix or digital entertainment media, I think they just facilitate the habits we’ve always had. At one time I used to get DVDs to watch something, but now I just click a channel on Binge or a show on Netflix and “Binge” it. For example, there’s a series called Suits that I really enjoyed. This one time, in a span of 3 days I watched 56 hours of Suits. Finished four seasons. And I think that we haven’t changed in our habits and tendencies, but digital technology makes things easier.

So when digital platforms like these come, it allows us to find what we want easily and it goes along with our habits. I remember in Bangladesh there was a series by Humayun Ahmed, “Kothao Keu Nei”, people went down to the streets to protest the death of a character Baker bhai. And a while ago I saw a netflix show that allows you to choose your own path through the story. So, digital media can do that, choose how the story will go. So I think that many things can happen, and it will certainly be entertaining. I think Shakhawath bhai or Auni apu can answer this better.

RJ Shantu: Shakhawath bhai?

Shakhawath: I remember an even earlier time than what Firoze bhai recollected, the k

ids in the neighbourhood would watch Thundercats through the neighbour’s window. There’d be one movie every week and all of us would be so excited, make  a big deal about it, and my mother would make jhalmuri and we’d watch it together. There was black and white tv, and then there was color, but not everyone had color television.I was brought up in Sylhet, the only ones who had them were the “Londoni” families. 

Our habits are the same, we’re watching TV. But the freedom of choice is higher now. I can watch content anytime I want, people don’t need to go to the stadium to watch cricket now, they don’t even need to get home on time. Even while driving, you can set your phone up and watch what you want. I think in entertainment digitalization, these mobile companies have played a role. And I also want to add that I think COVID came and accelerated the digitalization process by years. As Jewel bhaiya said before, people want to watch things on large screens sometimes. For family especially, it has to be a large screen, everyone sitting together watching something. And digitalization just gives you freedom of choice, you can choose to watch TV channels or content or stream Netflix. Digitalization has made entertainment easy and we can watch anything we want when we want to, without needing to wait.

RJ Shantu: Auni apu?

Auni: We’re all from the same generation here. I remember at one time, on TV you would see a screen with panels of color, and that meant that you were done for that day. Your children could cry, you could cry, but the line wasn’t coming back on that day. That doesn’t happen anymore. Those days are a thing of the past now. Now I can watch anything at any time, if I’m sad at 3am I can play something and distract myself. If my children are crying, I can hand them something and they’ll watch it. This freedom isn’t just an entertainment freedom, it ensures convenience in our day to day life. So for me, digitalization is this, there’s no restrictions. At any time I can open an app to stream, I can listen to whatever music I want, it’s my freedom. It’s convenient and flexible.

 Jewel: About this freedom, I want to add, at one time when we played music on cassette players, everyone in the house could hear. And at that time, there was this conception in everyone that listening to music on walkmans or headphones means that your ears will be hampered. So, what happened is, at times the songs you’d listen to would embarrass you, someone would say, “Why are you listening to this bad song?” I mean, I like listening to something, and someone is judging that. So now digitalization lets you listen to music or watch videos on your own.

Shakhawath: I think siblings fight less because of this, no more fighting over the TV remote.

RJ Shantu: Listening to the three of you it’s apparent that entertainment is much more accessible and easier for us than it used to be. That brings me to OTT platforms. There are many OTT platforms in the market now, and it’s very competitive. Since we are talking about Binge today, why is Binge different from other platforms? Let’s start with Auni apu.

Auni: The conveniences and benefits of digital media that we talked about so far, I think if I can put a face to it, it would be Binge. Binge is a content platform where you can watch anything you want at any time. Tonight, I have a plan with my husband that we’ll watch a horror movie together on Binge, it is Thursday night, so the weekend is starting. For us that is, not for Jewel bhai in Malaysia. 

And I know that at that time my child will come and bother me a lot, so at that time I’ll play some kids content on Binge for my child in another room to keep him busy. 

RJ Shantu: You can both chill, just on your own. 

Auni: Yes exactly. So Binge is a  platform where you can watch dramas, webseries, movies, live channels, and we cover all kinds of genres. For example, as I said, today I want to watch horror. Tomorrow I might be sad thinking about some ex boyfriend and I might want to watch a happy romance movie. And another thing is, I would say that Binge is quite unique. Why? Because the content on it is classified with age ratings so just like I can browse through things that I might be interested in, I can do the same for my kids. And I can lock things that I don’t want my child to watch. I don’t know if any other app allows this age restriction in Bangladesh, but Binge does. And it is a multiscreen platform, we have it on TV and mobile devices and computers. Shakhawath bhai?

Shakhawath: You’ve covered almost everything. Since I handle sales, I deal with the product convenience and differentiating the USPs. Binge has a small TV box, it’s 2x2inch, tiny like a matchbox. 

So when we were launching it in Barisal, our head of department, Arman bhai, was showing it and I was sitting at the back. The journalists were all so skeptical and surprised, you can watch TV with this tiny thing? They said we were bluffing. Then at the end of the program, when we were showing a demonstration, they were all impressed. And it’s a Google certified product, which ensures quality on a global level. So customers get a flawless experience watching TV with Binge. It’s a hassle-free connection for digital TV, just plug and play and enjoy your binge. 

RJ Shantu: Binge is a bundle of joy, as Auni apu said. But now I have to go to Jewel bhai, what do you have to say about Binge? 

Jewel: Whenever a ne3w streaming platform comes out, the content library as in the available series and movies are very important to me. In my opinion, for Binge, the content they have is their strongest thing. 

I think in Bangladesh the tendency to watch foreign TV with Bangla dub is an opportunity. Bangladeshis have always had this connection with foreign shows. But the point here is that we need varieties of content, in many different genres. And Binge has that covered, making it their biggest strength. And they have Binge originals. I can watch other shows anywhere at all, things on Netflix, or TV natok on the TV channel. So that provides convenience by having it on Binge. But the Binge originals, when they are actually really good, I can’t watch that anywhere other than Binge. It’s available on Binge and we have to come to Binge to watch it. 

And I feel that especially because me and my son, we have this habit of watching anime together. But in Malaysia, a lot of those anime are country-locked and not available, and we look at different streaming services like is it on Crunchyroll, or Netflix or Disney Plus, and we go get a few different subscriptions only for specific content. And since binge is an android box, you can download other apps on it as well. 

So the device value of binge is high, but the content and subscription value is also high. Overall, I think it’s a simple solution that solves a lot of your problems. 

Shakhawath: If I may add, in Bangladesh, most people don’t have a smart TV. They have LED TVs and LCDs, but a smart TV is actually a bit expensive. So with this device, you can actually convert all kinds of TVs into a smart TV, even old CRT ones. 

RJ Shantu: Nice. Jewel bhai, tell us a bit about how EZAssist is working with Binge. 

Jewel: I have to answer this question in two parts, one is how EZAssist works and the other how Loosely Coupled works. 

Starting with EZAssist, it’s a platform where if a product is connected then it conducts everything starting from lead generation to customer handling to data collection and delivery. etc. So these things are under EZAssist. And these services are given to clothing brands, restaurants, any kind of business. It’s a solution only. Binge avails EZAssist services in product purchase, payment collection, order management and delivery. So this is the value that binge derives from EZAssist. 

But when we work with Binge as Loosely Coupled Technologies, we primarily deal with artificial intelligence and data analytics. So when it comes to the content industry, or selling any product, when you do digital marketing or content development or even a banner ad, we figure out consumer insights, what the customer likes and doesn’t like, and if you can create content following these insights then your sales will increase. And the features of your product that is the most popular, which genre the people are watching the most, and other consumer insights and data analytics are also provided from Loosely Coupled Technologies. So this is another area, we collect data from Binge’s facebook page or other online engagement, and with that we provide data analytics that will help Binge to fine-tune its product and content. And we hope that from this partnership with binge, we can understand people better and figure out who likes what content, how to reach them, to serve them better, if they have any problems then how can we address it, we want to understand these things so we can serve people better. And if we can know and understand this then I’m very sure that Robi and Binge has the right capability to make any changes and bring the best possible service for their users.

Our job is to give consumer insights and information, and provide the ecosystem required in the digital channel to deliver products to customers. 

RJ Shantu: Alright. We have some texts from the audience, let me read out a few of them. Saddam says that Binge is one of his favorite platforms. Yes, Saddam, mine too. Taslima has a question, she wants to know more about Binge originals. Auni apu, would you please answer that? And I’ll get back to Shakhawath bhai too, don’t be sad Shakhawath bhai. 

Auni: As you can tell from ‘originals’, these shows are exclusively available on Binge. We have a new campaign going on, “12 Maasher 13 Dhamaka”. Binge has a new original upcoming every single month. So, about how we create the originals, see content is everything. So if the content is not good, then no matter how much we market Binge, it won’t be easy for Shakhawath bhai to sell. Back in our times, if the content was good, we would torrent it or manage a DVD, but no matter how, we would find a way to watch it. So, the demand for content needs to be created by ensuring high quality content. So what we do is, we identify different segments in the entertainment consumption sector, how many people like horror, how many people like drama, how many like thrillers, we identify these segments first. This habit of Netflix, Amazon Prime, or OTT platforms, I think this habit is already there in Bangladesh. And the credit does go to Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. We get data and create segments based on genre by popularity and we tell our stories focusing on that. And, it’s not that only the experienced production houses get to work with us, we give an opportunity to the new players in the industry too. And we have a mix of different kinds of directors, producers, filmmakers. We go through a content filtration journey with what content to make, what content people will actually like, and we actually do surveys on the user base to find out whether they like a certain kind of story or not. Because we might think that a story is amazing, but the majority of our users may say otherwise. And we don’t want to give them the chance to say that Binge has made bad content. We also have quality surveys at the end of shows, to figure out whether customers are actually enjoying something or not, and we improve our content based on the data collected. 

Binge went on pilot in May 2020 and was commercially launched only in October of 2020. In this short time, we’ve received a digital award for our content, we have many nominations in different awards. So people are enjoying our content. I think Binge Originals has a lot to do with that. This Eid, there is an upcoming original, Borofkoler Golpo. It’s a thriller. So please do watch, let us know what you think, and if you like it then that would be a success on our part. And if you don’t like it, tell us that too so we can improve on our next originals.

RJ Shantu: Shakhawath bhai, do you want to add anything to Auni apu?

Shakhawath: With Binge originals, we’re supporting the entertainment industry in Bangladesh a lot. As Jewel bhai said, we want to watch Bangla content and there are many great films and series that have been produced and are being produced. A new generation is coming, new directors, actors, actresses, artists are entering the scene. Binge can be a platform for them, it’s for everyone. Right before launching Binge, my daughter also acted in one of the programs, Auni took her there. And I didn’t even know she could act so well. The director wanted to take her onto the film, but later her mom didn’t let her due to school pressure. But this can be such a huge opportunity for all kinds of people, and I think the more originals that we make, the more this industry will develop, become better, and we can expand abroad too. 

I think Bangladeshis living abroad are also interested in watching Bangladeshi content. So I think Binge can play a vital role there with the expatriates, I’m hopeful.

Jewel: I want to add something here. When Rabindranath wrote his poems, he didn’t think about how popular his poems would someday be when writing. Because creativity is by the creators, he created something beautiful from within. And now that we’re in this generation of commercialization, whether it’s television or movies, it’s actually not possible to launch unless there is a significant popularity. If a movie is to be launched in theatres, there has to be a certain number of viewership, or even for launching on TV, without a certain number of viewership, it’s not feasible to launch on TV or in the theatres. But, Binge and similar platforms have an inherent benefit because we know what kind of people like to watch what kind of content. These days you can shoot an entire movie using just a mobile phone too. So if creators can produce something properly handling the production cost, and then come onto a platform like Binge, then they can actually reach that same user base in a small number, maybe just 5000 people will watch it and like it, but still the creator can actually make their content live in the mainstream media, through Binge or other platforms. 

Since we work with data analytics, we are the ones to tell Binge what is trending and what is not. But a content that is trending doesn’t always mean that the content is good. But I think that Binge can be a great platform to nurture the creativity and raw talent of creators. I think in Bangladesh there is such a huge pool of raw talent who can bring their own creation on a bigger scale. So I think Binge can be a very good platform for the creative minds. 

Sorry Auni, I interrupted what you were about to say.

Auni: No problem, I only wanted to add to what Shakhawath bhai was saying. We’re already taking Binge to Malaysia soon. InShaAllah by May, Binge will be available in Malaysia through Sellcom. We haven’t made this announcement yet,  this is just to let the viewers know.

Jewel: Should we just count this as the announcement then? 

RJ Shantu: We can count this as a primary announcement. 

Shakhawath: Jewel bhai, you’re in charge of making Binge popular in Malaysia.

RJ Shantu: EZAssist works with so many different businesses and platforms, we’ve heard some fun and interesting stories over the episodes, for Bibiana and other businesses. Jewel bhai, is there any anecdote you’d like to share working with Binge? 

Jewel: I’ve known Auni since we were in college, working with Binge started mostly out of our common interests. The thing about Auni is that she has a very good taste in content, and I thought that if she’s in charge of this then it must turn out well. 

Initially, I didn’t know Binge, but I knew Auni and by talking to her I got interested in Binge. And personally I think that launching a product in Bangladesh through a TV Android Box is the right way to go about it, because the television base is massive in Bangladesh and if we can combine TV and content together to launch a product then that is the right way to go about it for the Bangladesh market. 

Because see, apps can be made by anyone, content is readily available. When there’s a sports match going on, you see people asking on Facebook, “Does anyone have a pirated link?” And you see hundreds of responses within minutes with pirated links. So, getting content within a mobile device or pc is something commoditized, and free content will win because of availability. But I’m not talking about win or loss here, for digital content, the more people that watch the more advantageous it is. So I’m not really interested in only a small number of people watching. I think we need to get the right approach. We cannot turn the 40 lac TVs in Bangladesh into smart TVs overnight. And our TV viewing journey is actually on TVs, you cannot watch things on your mobile for too long. If you notice the webseries on Facebook, even those are 8 minutes or 10 minutes. Because watching something on the phone for too long is actually tiring. The window of attention that people have for streaming on mobiles is short. 

After considering all of this, I think Binge has nailed it perfectly for Bangladeshi consumers. For people in Bangladesh, if they’re not actually a bit well-versed in technology then Netflix is not their cup of tea. But Binge has local content, and I also like Binge because people’s basic demand is they want to watch TV, they want to watch it on their existing home TV, and Binge meets all of those. So they are actually helping people to transform, and see if we cannot transform the people and make them build a new habit, then overall digitization will not happen. 

We’re working for digital transformation with EZAssist and Loosely Coupled Technology, and it’s a two sided approach for both businesses and customers. But, it is the responsibility of the business to educate its customers and help them transform. And I think that Binge has taken that first step, they had to make the device and show it to people, they brought over about 130 channels on their platform. They took the right initiative to actually commit to digital transformation, to demonstrate to people, to make them try it first. And I think this is something that’s remarkable, and I thought that this is an initiative that we should be a part of. Because in the digital transformation of the Bangladesh entertainment industry as well as in changing the habits of the Bangladeshi people, Binge is playing a cardinal role. And that’s why I thought that we should really be a part of this. 

When working with Auni, we actually have such huge fights about different things.

RJ Shantu: Could we know a little about that? Sounds like a fun story. Auni apu would you tell us a bit about that?

Auni: I’m not the one that gets into these fights, I think Shakhawath bhai can better answer this.

Shakhawath: When I first heard the name Loosely Coupled Technologies, I thought, “what even is this company?” I heard they work with AI, in Bangladesh now everything is going digital. I read through the scopes, everything critical before making an agreement, and there were many disagreements, explain this, explain that, so many problems. At one point, it almost didn’t happen. But then after many disagreements, we finally made up and signed the agreement.

I think so far our journey has been amazing, we’re getting more interaction on Facebook, we’re seeing progress within a very short time. Jewel bhai, don’t listen to what I’m saying, this is for Shantu.

RJ Shantu: Let’s not ask what my experience with Jewel bhai was in our first meeting.

Jewel: I’m asking, please share.

RJ Shantu: I just think that Jewel bhai is a perfectionist, so at first he may appear to be a bit rude but after getting to know him, he’s such a nice person.

We have a comment here from Tabassum, “Definitely Binge is one of my favorite platforms, but how do I order Binge anew?” I think she wants to know about the process here. So who wants to answer this?

Shakhawath: I’ll answer. If you have a smart TV then you can easily download the Binge app from the playstore. Same goes for mobile devices. As for the device itself, it’s available at every Robi sheba point, it’s available online, through EZAssist, and it’s available in retail stores across the nation. Since the lockdown is ongoing, I would suggest that she opt for online purchasing. 

Jewel: Let me add a little to that, the easiest way is for you to go to the Facebook page of Binge and send a “Hi”, you’ll get an automated response, and see the available packages that you can Add To Cart. Then you’ll get an option for checking out, and if you click there then it will redirect you to a payment page, and after making the payment the order is placed and you’ll have it delivered to you. I think this is the easiest and most convenient way to purchase Binge. You can get it from Evaly or other stores too, but I think the Binge Facebook page is best, and if you don’t like the Chatbot then someone will assist you too. And if that isn’t enough either, then you can give your phone number and someone will call you back. 

RJ Shantu: We’re taking a small break now, don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back. 

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RJ Shantu: Welcome back everyone. We’re back with the fifth episode of Go Digital With EZAssist, and you’re tuning in on Dhaka FM 90.4 or on our Facebook live at

We’ve spoken about Binge today. During this COVID time, it’s better to stay at home. Please don’t go shopping outside, stay home and stay safe. Shopping can be done online too. Such stressful times are going on now, it’s important that we take the time to relax and chill. 

We’re near the end of our show today, so we need to wrap up soon. I want to ask Jewel bhai, what is the role or contribution of EZAssist in digital content?

Jewel: I think there are two roles that EZAssist is playing. The first is making a certain type of content reach the certain type of people that it’s meant for, we have an Artificial Intelligence based mechanism for that to target content or ads to the right set of audience. That’s one of our advantages where we’re working. 

The second is that you want to express something to the people, but how will you do so? What will make the greatest impact? In digital communications, customers are often uncomfortable or they don’t understand certain things. So what should be the right messaging, that will create the right impact. We provide analyses and support regarding that as well, how to say the same thing in different ways to create greater impact. And in many cases we also provide the content. And finally we try to generate better sales and better management for your product line and all.

For Binge, we try to deliver the right message to the right people and we give them consumer insights, and I think that’s a real value for them. And finally we try to get more sales and subscriptions for Binge. That’s our primary goal. 

RJ Shantu: I’ll get to Shakhawath bhai and Auni apu now, I think Shahawat bhai mentioned a while ago that you’re getting good response for Binge, what can people expect the journey to be like between Binge and EZAssist in the upcoming future? 

Shakhawath: Since Loosely Coupled is working with data analytics, they provide us with insights regarding what the customer likes or doesn’t like. And based on that, Auni creates content. It’s a journey where we’re able to engage with our customers more, and that’s very important for the production of Binge original content. The more that customers engage with us, the more feedback we’ll receive to improve our product. The main factor is that we’ll be able to deliver content that the customer likes. That’s how I think the partnership between EZAssist and Binge will continue.

RJ Shantu: Auni apu, I think you want to say something?

Auni: The more users that we can reach, the more varied opinions we will be able to receive which will improve the authenticity and quality of our content even more. We just started our journey together, and we are hoping that this journey can continue for long, and up until now we have tried to improve our content based on the information we were able to glean. For example, we once had a really good content on Binge that was international standards and we assumed that it would be a hit. But when it reached the suburban or rural areas, it wasn’t very appealing to them. They prefer a different type of content. Binge doesn’t only have the originals. It has a multifaceted library of content that caters to many different people, the mass people. And we have Hollywood, Turkish and Korean content as well. We have James Bond movies on Binge, which you cannot even find on Netflix by the way. So we are enriching our content library with the mass people in mind. 

Of course we want people everywhere to like the Binge originals, but we’re not confined to just that.

Jewel: The organizational stance that Binge is taking here is that we want to create something great after listening to the people. And since we are talking about the masses here, we cannot survey this huge number of people, and that’s where the technological adaptation comes in so that we can listen to everyone, in order to deliver something that everyone might like. And Binge is barely one year into its journey now, and even if you don’t find content you particularly like in Binge today, that doesn’t mean you won’t find it tomorrow. Since we are listening to you to improve our content, so even if it’s not today, in a month or a few months you will get what you like on Binge. 

So it’s better if you join Binge and express your opinion, because the more that you do so, the faster we can cater to you and grow. Tell us your demands, maybe on Facebook, and Binge will do its best to bring it to you.

Auni: Another thing I’d like to add is, in Bangladesh as much as we speak about content, we cannot actually do without our TV Channels. The live channels. For sports, for news, it’s so important to have live channels. Not just the people in Bangladesh, expatriates also want to watch Bangladeshi news. So it is a prt of our strategy that we won’t just be working with the content, we have more than 140 live channels on Binge. Keeping in mind that the Live channel viewership is so important, we couldn’t ignore that. 

RJ Shantu: We have a comment here from Rahima, “Don’t drown out the deshi content with the foreign ones, that’s all I want to say.” What do you want to say to that? I think she was comparing Binge to the other OTT platforms here, because the deshi content get pushed to the side.

Auni: I think that’s what makes us unique, we want to bring the best Bangladeshi content to the Bangladeshi people. In quantitative terms, the foreign content only makes up about 8% of our library in Binge. More than 90% content on Binge is Bangladeshi content. And it’s not just that, if we’re approached by a fresh set of people who want to get into acting or directing, we welcome them. Anyone can contact us through our Facebook page or call center or our website. Bangladeshi content is our main priority, along with the satisfaction of our Bangladeshi user. We plan on taking Binge to every corner of the world.

RJ Shantu: We’re at the very end of our episode now, Jewel bhai is there anything you’d like to say?

Jewel: Thank you very much Shantu for inviting us, thank you Auni and Shakhawath bhai for being here with us. There’s nothing more to say here, we had a fun discussion today and I really appreciate it. 

RJ Shantu: Auni apu?

Auni: All I have to add is that if you don’t watch the content on Binge, you won’t be able to judge whether it’s good or bad. So download Binge, subscribe to us, or just send us a Hi on the Facebook page to place an order for our android box. And let us know your feedback, that’s all. 

RJ Shantu: Alright, Shakhawath bhai? 

Shakhawath: Thank you Shantu. The discussion was interesting, I had a good time. I could share some nostalgic memories from childhood. For the audience, I have a request that you watch Binge, since it is a Bangladeshi platform from Robi, we want to provide digital entertainment for you. And feel free to give any kind of feedback to us, we have a dedicated call centre for any queries or problems, we have a sales team ready to set up binge for you. Thank you.

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This is Shantu, signing off today from Dhaka FM 90.4, Go Digital With EZAssist.

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